Our Casino Service Processing (CSP) facility is recognised as one of Australia’s leading red meat food processors. We provide service processing to customers wanting integration in the beef / veal supply chain.

Our Focus

Our Primary focus is to provide customers with an efficient meat processing facility, utilising our highly trained workforce and specialised equipment in order to service all major domestic and global markets.

We offer an exciting opportunity for cattle producers to brand and market their own story, providing vertical integration opportunities without the significant capital required to own an abattoir.

Our Facilities

Our facilities are constantly modernised and upgraded to ensure we retain our position as an efficient industry leader at the cutting edge of technology and food safety.

We operate a sophisticated custom processing operation. We have the capacity to process 9000 animals per week across two processing floors (beef and veal). The operation has four boning chains and assists customers to develop retail and food service offerings.

Our state-of-the-art-cold store and blast chill tunnel, utilising an advanced carton storage retrieval system, ensures seamless management and distribution of product throughout the world.

Our Quality Commitment

Our commitment to animal welfare is second to none, including shaded yards and on demand access to fresh water. Our employees are trained in best practice animal welfare procedures and we are certified under the Australian Livestock Processing Industry Animal Welfare Certification System (AAWCS).

Our food safety systems are overseen by the Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources. This is a world leading system, recognised globally as one of the safest food producing quality systems in the world.

Our food safety system is built on Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), providing excellence in hygiene and processing products on behalf of our customers.

Certified and regularly audited accreditations include Ausmeat, Halal, Organic, Bio-dynamic, Breed Specific (including Angus, Wagyu), Burger Restaurant Chains and major domestic retailers.

Our unique market access programs for meat and offal are third-party audited for compliance to the highest regulatory and customer standards, both domestic and international.

Our Reach

We are currently distributing across the globe to more than 20 countries, including our major trading partners: Japan, Korea, United States, China (chilled and frozen), Indonesia, Europe and many Middle Eastern countries.

Our culture is to focus on our customers’ needs. Most importantly, our team is willing, skilled and ready to respond quickly and professionally to unique and specialised requests for orders large and small. If you require further information please contact our office on +61 (02) 6662 2444 or email us at Customer.Services@cassino.com.au.