NCMC Veal Carcase Competition 2017

$5,000 in Prize Money

Last year NCMC and MLA launched its inaugural veal carcase competition which was not only designed to help producers improve their product through carcase assessment and feedback but was also another step in adapting the MSA grading system to underpin veal brands. After the success of last years competition we are happy to announce its return in 2017!

Judging criteria will be based on:

  • Ossification & Carcase Weight (Weight for Maturity); low ossification score accompanied by high carcase weight is ideal (optimum HSCW is 120kg, approx. 230kg live)
  • Eye Muscle Area (EMA)
  • MSA Marbling Score
  • Meat Colour & pH (a key indicator to Glycogen reserves verse pre slaughter management practices)
  • Fat Colour
  • Fat Distribution
  • Boning Yield

Results will be presented at the NCMC Beef Week Expo Saturday 27 May 2017. Competition participants will receive feedback on live to dressed weight (HSCW), health check reports, HSCW yield to boning yield, assessment and carcase score.

Producers need to be registered to MSA. To register please go to the MSA website or phone 1800 111 672.

To consign your livestock please phone Gavin Bulmer on 0416-330-612 or if you have any questions please contact Lucy Amey on (02) 666 00 772.

Delivery dates: 8 March, 19 April & 10 May 2017   (lots of 8-10 head)