‘Meat. Your Future.’ Campaign To Showcase Meat Processing Careers And Industry

The Australian Meat Processor Corporation (AMPC) today announced the launch of the ‘Meat. Your Future.’ campaign, which will highlight the wealth of career options available in the $23 billion meat processing industry, aiming to attract new employees and improve community perceptions of the red meat processing industry as a whole.

Red meat processing is the nation’s largest food product manufacturing industry and the nation’s second largest employer by sector, employing around 135,000 people*. As an industry that has remained resilient during economic downturns and is a cornerstone of Australia’s economy, the AMPC believes it’s the right time to unite meat processing partners and shine a spotlight on the opportunities available.

“We’re excited about ‘Meat. Your Future.’ and the benefits for the industry as a whole, including attracting new workers to help meet the consumer demand for red meat,” said AMPC chairman Peter Noble. “Red meat processing is a well-respected domain that makes a significant contribution to the economy and it’s time more people knew about the potential that a future in our sector can provide.”

Mr Noble acknowledged the dedication of those currently employed in the meat processing industry, and the transformation it has brought about. With new technologies and scientific developments on producing high quality red meat comes growth and the need for more people to keep the industry sustainable, adapting to new challenges as they evolve.

As an industry, meat processing is often overlooked as a career option, and the AMPC is aiming to highlight the benefits of having a role in an industry that is innovative, diverse and flexible.

“Those working in the industry know that red meat processing does not fit the stereotypes that were created many generations ago,” said Mr Noble. “We have many talented professionals focused on making a significant contribution to the industry, and sharing the stories of these valuable staff will inspire others to consider a career in meat processing.”

Mr Noble commended industry stakeholders for taking care of their employees and for the noted focus on development of career paths for employees. He highlighted that everyone in the industry will benefit by supporting the ‘Meat. Your Future.’ campaign.

The campaign will highlight the positive impacts of red meat processing which are being felt on local, national and international scales, including the provision of jobs and economic health to local communities, whilst exporting to 86 countries around the world.

The campaign will be segmented into three smaller offshoots, of which ‘Meat. Your Partners.’ will be the first to launch. ‘Meat. Your Partners.’ is the ‘call to arms’, to unite the industry by encouraging them to share their experiences about rewarding careers within their field.

The broader campaign will focus on a variety of areas including stakeholder engagement, careers opportunities, and public perception of the industry. The campaigns will include industry events, social media activities, a dedicated ‘Meat. Your Future.’ website, and an integrated marketing campaign.

Mr Noble says this isn’t the first time the AMPC has taken a leadership role within the industry. Just last year, a sustainability report titled ‘Feast of Ideas’ was commissioned by the organisation. The report identified and addressed six material risks that the industry faces, which culminated in the inaugural Vital Ingredient Sustainability Conference, where industry experts came together to map the sector’s collective future.

For more information about current opportunities for meat processing workers, visit www.ampc.com.au.

*The industry directly employs 34,000 people, making it the 2nd largest employer by sector however it employs 135,000 people, including flow on effects. SOURCE: Feast of Ideas Report. Industry Snapshot infographic (Page 5).