Workplace Health & Safety

The Northern Co-operative Meat Company Ltd has a duty of care to protect the welfare of its workers, contractors and visitors. We strive to create a culture of care, and aim to achieve the prime objective of zero injuries or incidents in accordance with our Workplace Health & Safety policy. Our strategy for achieving zero injuries or incidents in the workplace and ensuring NCMC maintains a high standard of Workplace Health and Safety is based upon:

 1. Employee Involvement

Working safely is a fundamental condition of employment and as such every worker is accountable for performing their role and using their skills in a manner which does not compromise the safety or health of themselves or others. Our WH&S objectives can only be achieved through effective consultation and cooperation between management and workers. NCMC places significant emphasis on the involvement of workers from all levels of the company in decision making processes.

2. Effective Leadership

Safety of team members is a primary accountability of leaders in our business. A leader and their team need to achieve their workplace health and safety objectives to be considered as performing satisfactorily, regardless of other achievements. NCMC works to ensure that all Leaders have the resources required to support their workers in achieving WHS objectives and goals.

3. Risk Management

NCMC ensures it maintains effective Risk Management Procedures to identify, reduce and control risks on site. Resources are always available to systematically manage safety through hazard identification, risk analysis and control measures with the objective of creating a safe working environment.

4. Workplace Health, Safety and Environmental Management System (WHSEMS)

NCMC has developed and maintains a WHSEMS providing the following objectives:

  • To provide a systematic approach to meeting the NCMC safety & environmental policies
  • To provide a systematic approach to ensure compliance with WHSE legislation & standards
  • To provide a format to allow NCMC to be audited against relevant WHSE standards by external third parties.
  • To be an internal framework for the management of WHSE to ensure continuous improvement

The WHSEMS ensures a system of continual review and improvement. Our WHSEMS also ensures we are able to maintain our Self-Insurers license and other relevant awards and licenses such as our Gold Medal Rating for our Tannery from the Leather Working Group.