NCMC is committed to maintaining a sustainable, profitable and diversified business. We have set clear, measurable targets to reduce our environmental footprint, including our consumption of energy, water and the value-adding of waste streams.

We are committed to ensuring that we meet the highest standard of environmental performance, which continues to meet and exceed all relevant legislative and customer requirements. We are committed to continuously improving our environmental performance as new suitable technology systems and processes become available.

As a processor of red meat, offal and hides to the global community, we meet our environmental responsibilities through our utmost care and diligence. Our leading position in the industry brings a significant commitment to the broader community to improve, invest in and report the environmental performance of our operations.

Across our entire operation, we maintain the most exacting environmental audit protocol covering licence conformance, chemicals, energy, water and operational discharges.

The Co-operative has also achieved significant environmental improvement over recent years. Some examples of these improvements are:

  • Cleaner production strategies in the wet-blue tannery operation have reduced water use by about 25% and considerably improved the wastewater quality (some components have been reduced by 50%)
  • NSW Government Sustainable Energy Development Authority initiative, winners of bronze, silver and gold awards for energy savings category
  • Energy Saving Plans developed in 2006 has seen energy savings projects implemented to reduce electricity use by over 350,000 kWh
  • The Co-operative has also been a member of the Australian Greenhouse Office – ‘Greenhouse Challenge Program’ since 2001
  • Solid waste, which was previously disposed of in landfill, has been converted into a high value soil conditioner
  • A water reuse scheme implemented at the Casino site in 2005 has seen over 100 million litres of fresh water saved