Grazing BMP – What’s in it for me?

It seems like beef is the ‘new black’ these days, with everyone from mining magnates to Chinese investors wanting to be part of the industry.  With the spotlight on beef production, graziers are being urged to consider how they do business, as the links between customer and supplier become closer.  More and more, consumers want to know where their food comes from and how it is produced.

For beef producers wanting to get ahead of the queue and be able to back up their claims of sustainable and ethical production, the Grazing BMP program is a clear favourite.  Around 100 producers recently attended a Grazing BMP Expo at Blackwater and were reassured that the program has many benefits.  Guest speaker at the event, Dalene Wray (General Manager of OBE Beef) highlighted the value of the Grazing BMP program to the beef supply chain.  As a program that certifies best practice for animal welfare and environmental sustainability it is the reassurance that consumers are looking for.

Validating the good on ground work that graziers are doing is a key output of the Grazing BMP program, but it also acts an information hub, keeping its members up to date with changes in regulations and technologies that impact on how they do business.

The old saying ‘You don’t know, what you don’t know’ applies to everyone, with the only remedy for this problem being a reliable source of information.  As an industry led program, with no financial interest in selling a product or service, Grazing BMP fits the bill.

Grazing BMP is also a program that supports producers to achieve higher productivity through adoption of best practices; a point that John Secombe from North Co-operative Meat Company shared at the Expo, when explaining why NCMC has adopted the Grazing BMP program for their members.

Participants in Grazing BMP complete a structured self-assessment, to identify areas where they are doing well and also where they could improve.  Producers looking to improve their business performance can draw on the wealth of information; training and resources provided by the Grazing BMP program partners or be connected to a range of external providers.

Benefits for a business of participating in BMP include:

  • Reassure consumers that beef producers are doing a good job
  • Stay up to date with changing regulations and technology
  • Find out what you ‘don’t know’
  • Get connected to providers who have the tools to help you make positive change
  • Connect with other graziers

For anyone interested in participating in the program, a free accelerated workshop will be held at the Blackwater International Coal Centre on the 16th and 17th November.  This two day event provides the opportunity to complete all five modules of the program as well as hear from a range of speakers.  To register for this event please contact Marina Wall from Capricornia Catchments on 4985 7511 or visit the Grazing BMP website.