Disease and Defect Feedback Launching in 2020

You are now able to access Disease and Defect data Feedback of your cattle consigned to NCMC via Livestock Data Link.

The Northern Co-operative Meat Company Ltd (NCMC) has completed a Rural Research and Development for Profit Project with MLA called ‘Health for Wealth’. The project aims to enhance the utilization and sharing of disease and defect data for the benefit of the supply chain.

The incidence and nature of disease and defect historically has not been reported, it would be a surprise to many that in the 2019/20 financial year alone there were over 12,000 incidence of Liver Fluke and over 10,000 incidence of Hydatids in cattle processed at NCMC.

Accessing data is an exciting development for the industry as this feedback supports and guides animal husbandry decisions on farm. NCMC producers are now able to access feedback and reporting on disease and defects that were identified as part of post-mortem inspection via Livestock Data Link (LDL). LDL is an online program that enables the timely sharing of carcase defect information between processors and producers.

A beef disease and defect report in LDL has been developed to allow producers to view their data. Initially, five conditions will be reported on, including Liver Abscesses, Liver Fluke, Hydatids, Nephritis and Pneumonia. Over time, feedback on additional conditions will be made available.

How can producers access LDL?

1. Producers can register to use LDL, and subsequently log in, at ldl.mla.com.au (you need to create your account in LDL before linking in myMLA)

 2. Registration requires your NLIS user ID and password. If you don’t have an NLIS account, visit nlis.com.au and follow the on-screen prompts.

 3. Once logged into LDL, select the ‘Animal Disease and Defect’ report from the MY REPORTS tab.

Click here to read more details on LDL Disease Defect data notice (NCMC)

NCMC Member Services will be hosting a number of opportunities in the near future for members to gain knowledge in accessing and interpreting data in the form of workshops, webinars and website notice board. I will keep you posted as these events come to fruition.

 Joe Leven – Member Services.