Corporate Statement

We believe in the importance of a sustainable Co-operative in order to meet the changing expectations of the community, consumers, our customers and all stakeholders. We believe Sustainability is meeting our stakeholder’s present and future requirements through a co-operative culture which provides the capability to produce products in a manner that is socially, environmentally and economically responsible.

Sustainability encompasses the four pillars:

  • Social (People & Community)
  • Environmental (Stewardship)
  • Economic (Resilience)
  • Animal Welfare

These four pillars are achieved through……

Social Sustainability

We’re the largest employer in our region and provide the highest quality products from some of the world’s best producers.
Our social sustainability plan helps us manage what matters most to NCMC and our stakeholders:

  • Food Safety – providing safe and nutritious products for consumers
  • Workplace health and safety – having a safe, healthy and capable workforce
  • Workplace Diversity – increased workforce capability through a diverse talent pool
  • Being an Employer of First Choice – engaging with the community
  • Being a trusted partner for our operators –  building trust through engagement and inclusion

We are proud of our record in all these areas already. Now, we are looking to take our performance to the next level to create a Co-operative with a social sustainability plan that aims to make an impact on what matters to our stakeholders and to NCMC.

Delivering on our plan will not just benefit our consumers, employees and community, it will also benefit NCMC by improving and reinforcing our reputation as an innovative and ethical business.

We aim to report on our progress in future – let us know if you’d like to stay informed.

Environmental Sustainability
We place a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability. More information on this coming soon…

Economic Sustainability
We understand the importance of economic sustainability. More information on this coming soon…

Animal Welfare
We understand the importance of animal welfare. More information on this coming soon…..