Why We Exist – “Everyone Grows Together”

 In 1933 our Co-operative was formed to allow local farmers to “grow and share in the fruit of their labour”. Those founding members recognised the power and importance of working and growing together for their and their local community’s collective benefit. NCMC is committed to all members and the wider community that mutually benefit from the continued success of the business. The essence of what the founding members believed and strived for remains at the heart of what NCMC stands for. This is captured in our core purpose statement “everyone grows together”.


What We Are Creating Together

We are focused on growing a sustainable, profitable and diversified business. We strive to be the “Phone call of first Choice” for members, employment and suppliers.


How We Operate

 We provide a platform for our members to find and create opportunities and then make it happen. We believe an underlying strength at our core is: People, Service and Community. We believe in the innate worth of everyone, and we express this by showing Respect, Compassion and Fairness.  We strive to be an “A grade team” across all facets of the business.