Our House

Our House is a place where many stories come to light and intertwined.

Our House is the purpose built accommodation for patients coming to Lismore for medical treatment. Since opening it has accommodated over 2500 guests from across the region from Ballina to Glen Innes, from Coffs Harbour to Tweed Heads.

Ray Hayes, a resident from Grafton has certainly been one of the many Our House stories that encourages people to be proactive about health, and also highlights how much our community is connected.

The Northern Co-operative Meat Company Ltd (NCMC) are the local meat company who have had a long tradition in maintaining and enhancing the manufacture, marketing and distribution of the finest quality food products to the world and being a company that has been very community minded.

Our House has just received the last of the $110,000 pledge that NCMC generously given to help Our House when it was being built. The donation of $26,250.00 happen to arrive during Ray’s stay.

“I can’t believe the generosity of the people in this area. I’m staying in the Casino Meats works room, and knowing one of the Directors of the company I was so proud. The Casino Meat works gave $110,000 so guests can have a lift. Then, when I learned they also gave $25,000 seed funding to this project I was just beside myself, particularly as I work with stock feed and know the farmers who are part of the Meat works” said Ray.

“Meeting Ray and hearing his tory is so uplifting, We have 1300 members based in rural communities like Ray; it has been a great opportunity to give back to them” John Seccombe, Chairman of the NCMC said.

Ray, who has been a guest at Our House for 9 weeks, is an absolute salt of the earth person and has an attitude second to none.

“I found out about Our House through the hospital. It just seemed so logical to stay at Our House for treatment instead of doing a 4 hour round trip each day” Ray said.

“I thought Our House was a motel but it is so much more, the facility and all that happens here nearly blew me clear off the perch”.

Ray was diagnosed with early stage prostate cancer simply through a routine B double licence medical test. The blood test showed an elevated PSA and it was confirmed that he needed treatment.

“Radiation worried me the most but now I understand the process and understand how it all works, and it is all good” Ray said.

Staying at Our House has been one of his highlights during his treatment.

“Ray is a great example of the guests who come from across the region, that Our House is here to assist and care for during their treatment and have the connections with those who helped us build Our House ” Rebekka Battista, Our House Director.

“Our aim after nearly 4 years of opening is that we can, each day, continue to help even more patients who need a place to rest, relax and recharge during their treatment.” Rebekka said.

For more information about Our House, please ring reception on 66294350 or Rebekka Battista.