Our Processing and Marketing Services

We are proud to market beef offal, pork offal and other by-products produced at NCMC processing plants. Offal or fancy meats as they are commonly known, are an important component of the protein story and are highly regarded, particularly in Asian markets.

NCMC Foods is an integrated beef and veal business, marketing a range of quality beef and veal products. Our brands include Fairlight Red, Fairlight Black, Co-Op Fresh, Queens Veal, Ramornie, Ramsey, Three River Farms, Richmond Valley Veal, Manning Foods and Cassino RSM. These brands can be found in major supermarkets, independent butchers and on restauraunt menus domestically and internationally.

Our well-known brands allow customers to make educated decisions about the quality and providence of meat they are buying and consuming. Our commitment is to supply the freshest and highest quality meats possible. We know our customers appreciate being able to enjoy meals that are delicious, nutritious, and quality assured.

Our Agribusiness Support Service

The unprecedented demand for Australian red meat means there is room for any niche beef branded programs. The journey is not easy and we understand producers seeking branded programs need assistance. We provide marketing and processing services that will, with our experience and expertise, enable businesses to begin the journey of supply chain integration.

Our culture is to focus on our customers’ needs. Most importantly, our team is willing, skilled and ready to respond quickly and professionally to unique and specialised request for orders large and small. If you require further information please contact our office on +61 (02) 6662 2044 or email us at sales@ncmcfoods.com.au.