Casino Service Processing (CSP) is a business division of the Northern Co-Operative Meat Company, representing our beef and veal processing plant. The plant is based in Casino, Northern NSW.

CSP has in place accredited Meat Safety Quality Assurance (MSQA) and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) quality systems and is also one of the few meat processing plants in Australia with an AUS-Meat A+ rating.

To minimise stress-induced meat quality problems the animal’s welfare is respected at all times and shaded yards and fresh water are provided. Government veterinarians examine livestock prior to slaughter for health and fitness. Cattle are also washed to reduce hide contamination and to ensure the carcase is dressed hygienically.

CSP retains a highly skilled work force committed to a continuous employee-training program to ensure it remains an industry leader.

Our facility has the capability to process 12,500 bovines per week. The modern plant has two separate processing floors. The Beef Floor processes all animals over 150 kg and the Veal Floor all those under 150 kg.

Australia’s quarantine guidelines are ranked alongside the most stringent in the world. Recent history has demonstrated that product traceability is an essential and vital component in total product management.

CSP assigns an individual identification number to each animal at the time of slaughter. This number becomes the mechanism for tracking the carcase through processing Government inspection, chilling and fabrication.

Our plant complies with stringent quality control guidelines to gain accreditation as an approved processor for the:
•    European Union
•    United States of America
•    Japan
•    China
•    Korea
•    Halal
•    Organic, and:
•    Bio-dynamic markets

CSP maintains a secure segregation system for carcases intended for the EU, Halal and Organic markets. The segregation system ensures compliance with the above markets.

The plant implements stringent product hygiene standards and operates a state of the art computerised refrigeration plant that optimises the storage life for chilled and frozen products.

Our customers may request the Co-operative to provide the services of a highly trained Chiller Assessor or an independent Meat Standards Australia Grader to assess carcases and advise on the most suitable end product use. This service can provide information such as: marbling, ossification for age, meat colour, fat colour and PH.

If you would like further information in relation to Casino Service Processing, please contact us at +61 (02) 6662 2444