Booyong Pork (Est. 7170) is a business division of NCMC. It incorporates the Co-operative’s export pig processing plant located at Booyong, 45 kilometres east of the Co-operatives Casino head office.

Our modern porcine processing plant has the capability of processing 5,000 pigs per week. It retains a highly skilled work force with a demonstrated long-term loyalty. It is also committed to a continuous employee-training program to ensure it remains an industry leader.

The processing plant has in place accredited Meat Safety Quality Assurance (MSQA) and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) quality systems and is also one of the few pork processing plants in Australia with an AUS-Meat A+ rating.

To minimise stress-induced meat quality problems the animal’s welfare is respected at all times. Freshwater, shaded yards and an automatic cooling facility (for the summer months), provide an ideal holding environment.

Government veterinarians examine all animals prior to processing for health and fitness. Each animal is given an individual identification number during processing that is used for tracking the carcase through Government inspection, chilling and fabrication. This creates an unbreakable information trail from producer to processor to global markets.

Booyong Pork  has complied with stringent quality control guidelines to gain accreditation as an approved processor for the:
•    Japan
•    Korea
•    Singapore and,
•    Other Asian markets.

The processing plant implements stringent product hygiene standards and operates a state of the art computerised refrigeration plant that optimises the storage life for chilled and frozen products.

If you would like to learn more information about Booyong Pork, please contact us at +61 (02) 6629 1376