The Northern Co-operative Meat Company Ltd has a firm commitment to the long term care of the environment from which our members and our industry derives its existence. This commitment is demonstrated by our proactive approach to environmental management and our ongoing contribution to the development of sustainable guidelines for the meat industry.

In order to meet the demands of sustainability and continual improvement, the Co-operative employs a full time environmental engineer and from time to time also seeks the assistance from external environmental consultants. This specialist advice enables the Co-operative to adopt the best possible environmental solution within the capabilities of its unique operation.

Wastewater treatment and reuse of effluent through irrigation has formed an integral part of the Co-operatives environmental operation. The Co-operative has set itself water reduction objectives and goals and has an ongoing commitment to improving its environmental performance.

The Co-operative has also achieved significant environmental improvement and the list below provides some examples of its achievements in recent years:

  • Cleaner production strategies in the wet-blue tannery operation have reduced water use by about a 25% and considerably improved the wastewater quality (some components have been reduced by 50%)
  • As part of the now defunct ‘NSW Government Sustainable Energy Development Authority’ initiative, The Co-operative was an Energy Smart Business and received bronze, silver and gold awards for energy savings.
  • An Energy Savings Plan developed in 2006 has seen energy saving projects implemented to reduce electricity use by over 350,000 kWh
  • The Co-operative has also been a member of the Australian Greenhouse Office – ‘Greenhouse Challenge Program’ since 2001.
  • Solid waste, which was previously disposed of to landfill, has been converted into a high value soil conditioner
  • A water reuse scheme implemented at the Casino site in 2005 has seen over 100 million litres of fresh water saved

The Northern Co-operative Meat Company strives for sustainable environmental performance in all facets of its operation. The Co-operative, through its continuous improvement programs, works hard to meet and exceed all environmental expectations in a manner that is most appropriate for its unique operation.

The Leather Working Group (LWG) is a group comprised of many of the world’s leading retail brands, manufacturers and suppliers, NGO’s and end users. Through a very detailed audit protocol, the LWG assesses the environmental performance of tanners and promotes sustainable environmental business practices within the leather industry. NCMC’s tanning division, Casino Hide Tanners has maintained Gold accreditation, the highest level awarded, following two consecutive audits by the LWG over a 3 year period.