NCMC scoops “Excellence in Export Award”

NCMC scooped the Excellence in Export Award at the Richmond Valley Council Business Awards held at Evans Head on 27th July 2019. Neil Summerville, Deputy chairman accepted the Award on behalf of  NCMC. Over 70% of product from NCMC is exported overseas. .

NCMC Operations Update

The Casino plant is operating today, understandably some employees are absent due to the flooding. Booyong is closed today and we are planning a shift tomorrow subject to access to the plant. Our thoughts are with the many farmers and town people impacted by this flood event, thankfully there is no reported loss of life…. Read more »

New MSA Grading Beef Video

Almost two decades of research and 700,000 consumer taste tests conducted by the world-leading Meat Standards Australia program has confirmed that stress-free cattle produce the best meat. The beef eating quality grading system was launched in 1999, and takes into account all factors that affect eating quality from paddock to plate. Graders assess a number… Read more »

Expressions of Interest – Young Beef Producers’ Forum Prize

The ultimate event for the youth of the beef industry! The Young Beef Producers Forum (YBPF) is a two day conference focused on providing educational, networking and capacity building opportunities for under 40 year olds with an interest in the beef industry. Whether you’re a beef producer, involved in the family business or have a… Read more »

NCMC Veal Carcase Competition 2017

$5,000 in Prize Money Last year NCMC and MLA launched its inaugural veal carcase competition which was not only designed to help producers improve their product through carcase assessment and feedback but was also another step in adapting the MSA grading system to underpin veal brands. After the success of last years competition we are… Read more »

NCMC Christmas Schedule 2016/2017

Below is the current schedule for beef & veal processing during Christmas / New Year period, which may be subject to change. Members are reminded to contact their butcher and / or operator prior to sending livestock in for processing. Beef / Veal Slaughter Last kil: Tuesday 20th December 2016 First kill: Tuesday 3rd January… Read more »

Beef Cattle Health and Husbandry Guide

The new Beef Cattle Health & Husbandry guide is now available free online, to download from the NCLLS website please visit the link below: Beef Cattle & Husbandry Guide

Grazing BMP – What’s in it for me?

It seems like beef is the ‘new black’ these days, with everyone from mining magnates to Chinese investors wanting to be part of the industry.  With the spotlight on beef production, graziers are being urged to consider how they do business, as the links between customer and supplier become closer.  More and more, consumers want… Read more »