Established in 1933 on the Far North Coast of New South Wales, Australia, the Northern Co-operative Meat Company (NCMC) is a co-operatively owned service provider with a long tradition in maintaining and enhancing the manufacture, marketing and distribution of the finest quality food products to the world.

The Co-operative is recognised in Australia and globally as an industry leader in red meat processing and it is held in high esteem by its peers.

We are focused on the safest and healthiest management practices and processes that are underpinned by environmentally sound and technologically innovative philosophies. We are committed to all customers and the wider community that mutually benefit from the continued success of the business.

The Co-operative provides customers with a unique opportunity to process livestock including; beef, veal and pork within Australia using the customer’s marketing image. The Co-operatives business is to provide world class processing facilities and to enhance the development of its customers.

We have all required licenses to supply product throughout the world including Australia, the America’s, Japan, Korea, European Union, Halal and Organic markets.

Our processing facilities are located on the eastern seaboard of Australia in the North East corner of NSW, known as the “Northern Rivers”. The area is acclaimed as a pristine, clean green food bowl of Australia.

NCMC will, as it has for over eighty years, strive to continually improve and meet the expectations and needs of its stakeholders, both current and future.